LulzSec exposes alleged child porn traders

Apparently operating under the semi-defunct LulzSec banner, infamous hacker Sabu appears to have taken over a website forum alleged to to be trading in child porn.

Over 7000 account log-in details for the site were posted up on pastebin.

The Densetsu site itself now simply contains a list of file folders now marked as “owned by Sabu”.

Sabu’s Twitter feed has be unchracteristically quite of late, possibly because it seems likely he’s been ‘doxed’ as a PR man for Portugal.

A statement on the pastebin post reads: “virtual CP is wrong so we decided to take over the forum”.

hacked! and describes its self as “A site dedicated to asian games and entertainment. Anime Densetsu is an interactive site, which allows you to discover people around the world with similar interests.”

We tried one of the log-ins at random and could successfully log in to the site. We left pretty sharpish.

If Sabu has indeed been outed, this may be a PR offensive. After all no-one loves a paedo.

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